Morrone TabsIn memory of former Region Director Joe Morrone, Region II recognizes its volunteers for their years of unselfish and continued service to Alpha Phi Omega.  The recognition is a small tab that hangs from the service pin with a number indicating how many years a volunteer has been a brother of APO (in five-year increments). Contact the Region II Chair for a Joe Morrone Service Tab.

Who was Joe Morrone?

Joe MorroneJoe Morrone was a chauffeur to conferences, a cook at service projects, and occasional innkeeper for stranded brothers.  He was a concerned staff member at chapter meetings; a behind-the-scenes task-master for chapter officers and sectional staff; and a sounding board for regional and national staff members.

Joe was a volunteer who took his APO career as seriously — if not more seriously — than the job that paid his travel to APO events.  He was a sly devil who insisted on injecting fun into Alpha Phi Omega activities.  He did a great job of cultivating and developing staff members from undergraduates, recent alumni, and local alumni.  He wasn’t fussy about who volunteered to work with him, but he set high standards and expectations for his staff.

Joe was initiated at Zeta Theta chapter at Drexel University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1967.  He served as Section 92 Chair from April 1972 to December 1974 in his home section in the Philadelphia area.  He served as Region II Representative and a member of the National Board of Directors from December 1974 to December 1976.

After moving to Oklahoma, Joe served as Section 32 Chair from April 1977 to July 1981.  He then served as Region VIII Representative and a member of the National Board of Directors from July 1981 to December 1984.  After returning to work in New Jersey, Joe served as Section 92 Chair again from June 1985 to June 1996.

Joe was a member of the National Alumni Committee since 1990, and served on the Title IX committee at the 1976 National Convention assisting the Fraternity make a smooth transition to accommodate both coed and all-male chapters.  He also served several times as the advisor to the Rules and Credentials Committee at National Conventions, which often involved very late nights and a lot of difficult work.

All in all, Joe Morrone exemplified the concept of continued service to the Fraternity.  It is for this reason that Region II honors its volunteers with the Joe Morrone Volunteer Service Tab.