Alpha Phi OmegaRemember your initiation when you made a promise to lifelong membership in Alpha Phi Omega? You may not have realized exactly what that meant, which is why we want to take the opportunity to share with you how the Fraternity can continue to be a part of your life this year and after graduation.

As you determine your path after graduation, be sure to find the local Alumni Association in the area you’ll move to. There are over five Alumni Associations in Region II, and counting. It is equally important to log into the APO website and update your contact information so we can keep sending you valuable resources and information on the growth of our Fraternity.

Becoming an Alumni Volunteer

Alumni Volunteers are dedicated alumni who serve the Fraternity and act as a resource for students and chapters. There are may opportunities as an alumni to volunteer at every level, Section, Region, and National level committees or programs.

Section and Region staff opportunities allow volunteers to work directly with chapters, or help to develop national programs. Contact a Section Chair or the Region II Chair for more information about staff roles.

In Region II, we are always looking for new presenters.  Whether you enjoy presenting to a small local group in person, or you would like to present to a national online audience, we want you!

If you want to know how to become a presenter for APO LEADS or APO Impact, contact the Region II Leadership Development Coordinator.  You can also contact the Northeast Training Coordinator to find out about training opportunities in your area.


The Brothers of the Last Decade (BOLD) Initiative aims to provide a pathway for young alumni to remain involved with the Fraternity, network with peers and mentors, gain professional skills and continue the Cardinal Principles of Alpha Phi Omega. The program will be a way to capture the interest of young alumni and maintain ties to Alpha Phi Omega as brothers settle into post-collegiate lives and roles.

APO BOLD workshops and opportunities are available at Regional and National Conferences. If you are interested in having a BOLD event, contact

Become a Society of Life Member

PresentingSociety of Life Membership gifts provide a way for both students and alumni to contribute to the Endowment Trust. Society of Life Memberships are held and invested by the Endowment Trust. Aside from financially supporting the Fraternity, you will receive a distinct Society of Life Member pin, lifetime subscription to Torch & Trefoil, recognition at National Convention, and a certificate.

How to become a Society of Life Member

Society of Life Membership is available to active, alumni, and advisory Brothers of the fraternity. To become a life member a one time financial contribution is made. Students may purchase Society of Life Memberships for only $50 until a year after graduation. Alumni Society of Life Memberships are $100.

Apply to be a Society of Life Member through the National website.