The Spring Tri-Sectionals conference was hosted by the Zeta Sigma chapter at University of Delaware, welcoming brothers from sections 90, 91, and 92, as well as surrounding active brothers and alumni volunteers. Those who attended had the opportunity to attend two different APO LEADS courses and network during workshops, all fit to the Wonderland theme of the event. Brothers gave back to the community through service projects and a fundraising lunch break for the Exceptional Care for Children Philanthropy, the organization Zeta Sigma has been supporting throughout the year.

At the event, Region Chair Aaron Knight swore in the Section Chairs for sections 90, 91, and 92. Jess Lane was re-elected as chair for Section 90, and two new alumni volunteers were welcomed to the Region II staff. Tarence Smith (Alpha Psi at Lehigh) was elected Section 91 Chair, and Elizabeth Robataille-Nkurlu (Zeta Sigma at University of Delaware) was elected Section 92 Chair.

South Section Chairs Elected

The Iota Omicron chapter at Gettysburg College will host the Spring 2018 Tri-Sectionals South Conference.